A Night with Dracula’s Daughters

Gabriela & Mihaela Modorcea – the fabulous and fascinating INDIGGO TWINS – revive their wildly popular “Wicked Clone, The Cinema Musical,” a live stage musical based on “Wicked Clone or how to deal with the evil” a cinema novel written by Mihaela Modorcea, which has been a bestseller at Barnes & Noble. As much as this is a live show, all other characters are on film!

“Wicked Clone” is the latest edition of the burgeoning immersive stage/film hybrid industry. Visitors to the historic American Theatre of Actors get original musical theater, epic film projections, and a “magic realism.” Wicked Clone is a book, a film, a musical play – and a soon-to-be-release original cast-recording album in partnership with BROADWAY RECORDS..

Wicked Clone jpgThe revival of Wicked Clone is part of a multi-media experience that includes the performance, the record launch, and even opportunities to purchase the album and the book. The event will be at the John Cullum Theatre of the legendary American Theatre of Actors.

Remaining showings are Thursday September 27 – Saturday; September 29 @ 8 p.m. and Sunday, September 30 @ 3 p.m. “Wicked Clone” will surely be a thrill ride for all audiences.

The American Theatre of Actors is located at 314 W 54th St, New York City. Contact 646-338-5472 / JMAE.events@gmail.com for further information.

Gabriela Wicked Clone.jpgTHE PLOT: Each performance starts with a symphonic overture of original compositions before wide-screen film projections allow us to meet Transylvania’s most famous citizen, Vlad the Impaler, and his army fighting the Ottomans, culminating with Vlad’s wife’s tragic death – and his dark resurrection. The film, the 90-minute original soundtrack & stage musical further introduces us to the native land of Indiggo Twins (they are ACTUALLY from Transylvania).

The story reveals that – after a week-long ritual guided by Vlad The Impaler, Violeta, a poor mother from Transylvania, gives birth. Not to one baby as planned by Vlad, but to identical twin daughters “as different as day and night” – one wicked and cruel as Vlad’s revengeful “spirit of the night”- the other as beautiful and chaste as Vlad’s dead wife.

The twins portray Vlad’s Daughters and interact with characters on screen – and with the audience.

“Go for the glam, but stay for the supernatural ambiance, unique staging, and, of course, the performances: immortal,” says theatre critic, Griffin Miller.

Fairies Call pic.jpgWatch Wicked Clone THE CINEMA TRAILER:

Read the bestselling novel written by Mihaela Modorcea:

The musical has been advertised in 125 subway locations and 50 movie theaters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSZPpVICF8o


But don’t believe us … let’s hear it from Dracula’s Daughters themselves!

 Tell us About your Journey as artists. 

It has definitely been a Journey of Love, Light, Tears, Struggle, Death, Rebirth and God.

We were born in Transylvania to a family of Artists — our father Grid Modorcea is a prolific writer (he has authored and published 100 books) and a filmmaker (60 docu-dramas) and our mom Violeta Modorcea is a writer with PHD in comparative theatre and a teacher of world literature.

However, because of the Romanian social system, we have sometimes struggled financially. Yet our parents sacrificed everything for us and brought us to canto, dancing piano and painting classes, to Opera, Theatre, Ballet and Film. 

We had our first performance on A Christmas Eve at the National Romanian Television singing an original carol dedicated to Jesus and Maria, with lyrics by the greatest Romanian classical poet Mihai Eminescu. Following which we have been signed to the biggest Romanian record label Media Pro Music and worked with several renowned music producers and composers. Our first album spanned several hit singles, however our hearts were not fulfilled as we were not given too much creative freedom to express ourselves. A classmate who had been following us to all our concerts and tours throughout Romania set his mind to help us break Europe wide even though he had never been a manager or involved in the music business. And so he pestered a well-known German music producer to listen to our records and to fly us to Germany for an audition. This happened and the German music producer signed us on the spot, releasing several singles for us that have been in the top charts and launched throughout 20 countries. Having heard of our success, Ariola, Sony BMG invited us to their offices in Munich for a meeting with one of the Presidents. Excited, they have been convinced that we need to compose our own songs both playing the piano and in harmonies. This never happened as the German mogul and songwriter Dieter Bohlen became interested to write for us and produce our records. The songs he wrote for us were happy commercial songs— “Barbie Doll” songs and still our hearts were crying because we were not doing the music and Art we wanted to do. We knew deep inside that if we were not composing and doing what we truly loved we would never make it, at least in our eyes. Our competition has always been with ourselves and we always tried to please God before any human being. However, we have always struggled with the evil and with jealous boyfriends who tried to separate us. Gabriela became more and more revengeful, and our only alienation became singing, writing and liberating our souls through composing, poetry, Art.

At 19 years old, Mihaela released her first volume of poetry “Rage and Love.” We have also had several painting exhibitions.

Following which we studied Acting for Drama and Film at the prestigious National University of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography “UNATC” graduating with honors. Here only 20 students are accepted yearly and we managed to both pass the exam. We had also passed the exam at the private acting university first on the list, in case we would not both pass the exam at the national one. We played in several musicals, dramas and comedies: “The Two Orhpans,” “The Bear,” “The Twin Towers,” “The Future is in Eggs” to name a few. We then studied acting in Munich, Germany (while recording) and then in New York.  Finally in New York we have found our true path, writing and producing songs with Transylvanian and classical influences, playing the piano and guitar, producing our music day and night in Logic and making film in Final Cut. Our growth as writers, composers, musicians and filmmakers brought us closer and closer to God. However it has always been hard as many executives who were meeting us tried to date us and invite us to romantic dinners no matter of their marital status. We convinced ourselves and found the strength to reject them as one of our mottos is “What for to conquer the world if we are to lose our souls?”

What was the inspiration for the book and the musical?

The story of “WICKED CLONE or how to deal with the evil” started growing inside our hearts due to all the experiences that we went through in Transylvania, Europe wide and in New York. Many of us are hindered by a “wicked clone” – ego, fears, past, “friends” and give up doing what we love. But we have never given up no matter how hard has been at times. Anchored to God and to His guidance we started composing day and night, writing and arranging together over 500 songs. And I, Mihaela wrote this magic realist novel to inspire all human beings to conquer their wicked clone and do what they love, thus reaching their greatest purpose in Life. We all have been given a unique Gift, we all are co-creators with God and can reach our greatest destiny if we just feed on true Love and work hard. In the meantime Gabriela has been composing and arranging our original songs and compositions and the 90-minute soundtrack of our musical.

The novel has scenes instead of chapters just like a TV SERIES, with fast action spanning time and space, beginning in Transylvania’s 15th century and traveling with the characters through the tunnels of Lucifer, the head of God, New York City, the City of Stars and through many other realms where the heroes are fighting between Innocence and malice, Joy and depression, Truth and illusion. There are 500 pages and over 100 characters.

Based on the novel, I wrote “Wicked Clone The Cinema Musical” the play, which is mostly in verse, it has a Shakespearean atmosphere and follows the fantastical birth of the twins, their mythological background and “father” Vlad The Impaler. Both the novel and the play depict the story of a vampire bitten by a human being and injected with the human virus of Inspiration. The play features epic film projections, a 90-minute symphonic soundtrack, 25 “immortal” songs, choreography infused with ballet, hip hop and gypsy influences and a story filled with Innocence and Holy Spirit about the greatest being on Earth ­— the HUMAN BEING.

We all are vampires and suck each other from time to time, yet important is “to pull our fangs out” and gain a heartbeat… This is what happens to Mihaela from the play who runs away through time and space to escape her “wicked clone.”

Tell us about Transylvania! How does it differ from the stereotype?

Transylvania is a miraculous virgin landscape filled with castles, monasteries and surrounded by lavish majestic nature — the Carpathians Mountains, the Water….

In Transylvania there is now more sun than ever, Vlad The Impaler cannot affect the weather any longer with his wicked acts. He found peace with himself yet it has been very hard. Only going though death you can realize how good is to be Alive.

How is it to work with each other? Have you ever worked alone (single)? 

To work with each other is the biggest blessing ever. Gabriela knows to do what I don’t know and vice versa. We are like the Sun and the Moon. We need each other.

Gabriela is more vampiric and temperamental than me Mihaela, who has always tried to be a peacemaker. Yet I have learnt a lot from my “wicked clone.” To know how to say No and to sometimes put Truth and honesty before anything else in my life. Every time I worked alone, having a part time job, it was a disaster. I, Mihaela, have been fired once from a job because my lipstick was too red and earrings too long. I was crafting cards for children whom I love but my boss did not love me and I was always put to work backstage, away from the children. I could not stand that because children are my biggest Inspiration, they are like God.  

What next for you and what’s next for Wicked Clone? 

This is the happiest moment of our lives. We have finally released our “WICKED CLONE THE CINEMA MUSICAL” the original cast recording album of 25 songs with BROADWAY RECORDS, and we are so thankful to its President Van Dean for believing in our art. 

You can preorder the physical album from BroadwayRecords.com and download the digital version from iTunes.

Van Dean is the best collaborator and record executive ever. After having heard our compositions he signed us on the spot and did what few executives do: trust us and our hard work completely. He gave us creative freedom with final mixes, mastering sessions and even art design of the booklet. The album sounds and looks just like our hearts.

And to make this even a happier event, we also signed a deal with The American Theatre of Actors, respectively director/president James Jennings to produce our WICKED CLONE THE CINEMA MUSICAL at the legendary off Broadway theatre John Cullum located at 314 W 54th Street, NY, performances which started on September 21st and running through September 30th.  More performances are to follow in November/December.

We have previously had two successful runs at St. Luke’s Theatre and The Davenport Theatre, performing 5 times a week to beatific audiences.

 But here, at the J. Cullum Theatre, the stage is like nowhere else off Broadway, it is majestic and perfect for our “Wicked Clone The Cinema Musical”. It has stairs, balconies, trap doors and tons of entrances and exits. But most important, here you can smell Art.

Al Pacino, Harvey Keitel, Bruce Willis, Robert De Niro to name a few have started their careers performing and acting on the same stage. The President and our Producer James Jennings directed and staged over 1000 plays, and has been the president of The American Theatre of Actors for 40 years. James Jennings is a living legend.

Next, we are to tour with WICKED CLONE THE CINEMA Musical promoting the cast-recording album everywhere in New York and throughout the US.

We are to start at Barnes & Noble where “Wicked Clone or how to deal with the evil” A Cinema Novel was launched and became an Art bestseller and continue to the Green Room, etc. For bookings you can write to us on wickedcloneproject@gmail.com

What is your personal philosophy on the arts and what’s the ultimate goal? 

Mihaela: Art comes from God to our hearts and then to the audiences’ hearts. Without God there is no Art. Our goal is to make people happy and to unite spectators of all color, background, religion and age through the power of LOVE and Art.

Gabriela: Art nourishes and heals. It’s like the air. We need it to fly above our flesh, to resurrect each day and become children again and again.

Wicked Clone The Cinema Musical (1).jpg


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