Review by Sheena Singh

What’s Funny on Web-TV? Blonde Brunette

Pink Arts Peace Production, Inc. present a hilarious web-series, BLONDE BRUNETTE.
The first three episodes are “Directionally Impaired,” “Corporate Vs. Ghetto part I and part II” and “Not Basic” were really humorous.
It’s the journey of Sunflower Duran (the director) to lead this outstanding show.
In episode 1, she was trying to figure out the correct address to attend a photo shoot in her car. Hidden keys and other clever touches made this send-up “really freaking funny.”
Another witty Episode was #2 (part II), “Corporate Vs. Ghetto” shows Demonic Dominican’s new boyfriend, Nicholas, and his creation of a wall in her driveway and Sunflower Duran has to summon “Corporate” to rectify the situation. Sunflower, possibly unintentionally, offered a “wall” send-up adding to the fun.
Domestic humor in Episode 3, “Not Basic,” finds Nicholas changing the conversation often when all Sunflower wanted was for him to meet her mother.  Clever banter about how relationships are seen from the eyes of men and women pepper the episode culminating in Demonic Dominican and Corporate Sunflower battling over responding to an email.
Leading this wonderfully exuberant showing was Sunflower Duran, an impressive and uproarious talent worth the price of admission alone. She did a great job and was very entertaining especially the fascinating “ghetto” look.

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