Richard Wingert takes to the Web

14563473_10157541253705254_4581175699422157003_n.jpgRichard Wingert, a New York-based Producer and Actor whose mission – in both categories – has been to create content with important messages is a person with an entrepreneurial spirit. He is known for grasping opportunities whenever available. Here’s a big one: Ps in a Pod.

Richard is executive producer of this promising new web-series that is already garnering great reviews. He is currently circulating the pilot and spearheading filming of the entire series.

Ps in a Pod, a new web series, created by and starring Alex Pires, co-starring Stephanie Windland starts on a blind date between Pete (Pires) and Polly (Windland) at a bar in Brooklyn. At first, they seem to be “two peas in a [neurotic] pod” but something is off. After a ton of awkward fumbling – including an uproarious attempt at sex – they simultaneously realize they are perfect as friends. As luck would have it, Polly is looking for a room and Pete needs a room-mate. A best friendship is born! “Pod follows how funny and real it is to have a close, platonic friendship between a man and a woman,” says executive producer, Richard Wingert.

Indie-pix grabbed the busy exec for a few words. With old 70s sitcoms being recycled, a new idea is a breath of fresh air!

What inspired you to create P’s in a Pod?

After talking at length with Alex and viewing over the subsequent materials, I found the inspiration for this project is to respect the modern day life of how stress can divide ourselves into people we don’t recognize and through friendships we can explore the people we always wanted to be. It’s an important story line of how hard it is to live independently with real expectations for us all to do better. 

Share with us, your creative process. Collaboration, delegation, storyboards, brainstorming, moral/message, etc.  

35144015_10160459210545254_1004342595674963968_nAs Executive Producer, I care about how we as a team promote the show in a succinct and interesting way to have people fall in love with the characters. To do this we have a group of fantastic and passionate people including our publicist,  Jay Michaels, as well as our new graphic artist, Pat Williamson. Through the right collaborative effort we know this team will produce content that can grab hold of the audience and root for Pete and Polly. 

Tell us about your vision for the future in terms of TV, sitcoms, programming, networks, etc.

We intend for this show to be picked up by streaming services. Our goal is for the show to be seen across multiple platforms to be the most popular, new, comedy sitcom produced most recently. We truly believe we have something special. The team expects the show to do very well in festivals and in doing so will encourage a green light for a major network.   

What’s next? 

Currently on the docket, we are expecting to finish the season and submit to major festivals interested in the next big hit. Still searching for creative minds interested in producing the show is a plus and working on interesting ways to create content that will entice more viewers.   

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