An entertaining SAVING LIVES SUNDAY!

66366308_10219859277533608_6610422283108352000_nZiporen Hazum built a strong reputation as a filmmaker. She has produced or served on production teams of projects like The Ark Experience and SDG at the United Nations, The Times of Israel and pop culture fare like TYP Music Video and the racy 24/7 Miami. Bits of all of these came together in an enthralling 40 minute event featuring Jay Leno for United Hatzalah. United Hatzalah of Israel is an independent, non-profit, fully volunteer emergency medical services organization that provides fast and free emergency medical first response throughout Israel. 

This worldwide organization is raising funds and awareness for the needs of all people all in Israel – of all races, religion, and ethnicities enduring the pandemic. 

Ms. Hazum knew that – no matter how powerful the charity is – and United Hatzalah fits that bill, but it must provide a strong entrance into the public consciousness. Jerry Lewis provided untold funds to fight muscular dystopia thanks to years of entertainment. Ms. Hazum grabbed one of the more identifiable faces (at least the chin) of Jay leno as well as charismatic members of the organization to provide a detailed and enjoyable pitch. 


Opening with an intentionally disheveled Leno at home chatting away and making us laugh with Jewish mother jokes and other clever remarks easily introduced us to blogger Nuseir Yassin absolutely gushed about the organization, Even  in sharing with us distressing details of causailites, you felt a scene of mobilization not desperation. Leno returned to make us laugh out loud when introducing Hatzalah chairman, Mark Gerson. Gerson, headshaven, gave Leno fodder for lots of material. 

The inspiring video event than broke out ina  heartfelt, joyous, and entertaining tribute to Eli Beer, Beer is the founder of United Hatzalah of Israel and President of U.S.-based organization Friends of United Hatzalah. This was not a stuffy industry accolade on film, but a deeply moving montage of volunteers, recipients, donors, and professionals all saying what was ijn their heart. No cold text but words like my brother, my mentor, mensch, etc.. filled the screen. The clever collage edited together at lightning speed and not bumpy like a zoom meeting but as well made as a studio film set us up for – again – a family kind of feeling. 

One should not think this was some glitzy commercial. The screen goes black and a date April 21, 2020 appears. From there, we learn of the amazing work and the lives that were saved by Beer and his priganzioation. Startling images of people in hospital finally able to share their story after being on “the machine” as one patient put it. 


Midway through, a group of singers from around the world burst into the song, Hallelujah. Sound campy? You might think but after the hearthdefl natural tributes to the organization, its work and its leader, the song made total sense and was quite touching. 

Ending with a cacophony of final comments in many languages exclaimed bu many cultures, ages, and influences. Even the organization’s logo is that of a Jrewish star and a cross and possibly other ancient symbols. 

The fvinalpraise one can give s to Ziporen as her name never appears. One might consider the expert video event she produced for this organization was her gift. 

Look for other video events by Ziporen Hazum on

Here is the video event itself:



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