SLASHER: The social media app for horror fans & pros turns ONE!



On June 1, SLASHER, the only free, independently-created social app, designed to bring the horror community closer together, begins its second year in operation.

Founder Damon Della Greca documented how SLASHER came to be, and offered insight into the first year of operation at

May 31, 2019, the first version of Slasher was released to the public, on iOS and Android in the U.S. and Canada. While the premiere went largely unnoticed (originally designed as an experiment), it attracted the attention of fans quickly. The release of a more advanced Version 2.0 helped attracted an abundance of passionate, loyal fans and professionals of macabre media.

Users have pointed out the horror convention-like vibe of the app, where it’s enjoyable being around a like-minded crowd. Many have even offered how the app has positively impacted their lives.

12294720_10153406096998842_3470894281712302720_nOver the past year, SLASHER has kept its goal simple – connecting the horror community via networking and conversation. It was important to Damon to keep the site R-rated (17+), in order to stay true to the nature of horror. “Mainstream social networks have shown us that they’re willing to marginalize the horror community. I take issue with things like that and believe we deserve better.” says Della Greca, who owns Premier Audio Video Designs, a company that specializes in audio, video and home automation technology sales and integration for homes and businesses; “now, celebrities, producers, directors, and major media outlets in the horror genre can be found mingling and enjoying themselves on Slasher, free from scrutiny and unreasonable interpretations of the art of horror.”

Year One gave subscribers a useful events calendar, a database of over 10,000 of the more popular horror movies out there (no streaming, similar to an IMDB), and his own ever present availability to field questions, suggestions, or chat. Damon has made it apparent that he is a huge supporter of indie horror creators of all kinds. When the world began to shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the “50+ Things for Horror Fans to Do During a Pandemic” list was created. This list includes links to things like podcasts, books, free streaming movies, YouTube channels, and more. The primary goal was to help provide entertainment and a much needed distraction from the stress and anxiety of the global situation. The list has grown exponentially ( All members of the fright-making community are encouraged to share their content to the list. A playlist on Spotify was created to help promote the many talented musicians who are on Slasher

( A couple of film festivals & competitions were sponsored by Slasher, including the Quarantine Short Film Competition

(, which showcased short films made under quarantine with basically no budgets. Ads have also started to appear, in order to support the free app, which will ultimately be offered to anyone looking to promote their horror-related goods and services.

Recently, Jay Michaels, Terror TV’s host and spokesman joined the Slasher family. “Damon connected to me and in one call, I saw how intelligent and accessible he – and his app – really are. I’m excited about sharing news about on this really necessary site,” said Michaels, who recently interviewed Sara Karloff and Lynne Lugosi on Terror Talk, Terror TV’s original program, as well as, the entire cast of THE DARK OFFERINGS, an indie horror film being made under social distancing rules. A link to that interview can be found on SLASHER.

Special events are now in the works celebrating the start of the second year of SLASHER.

Slasher is the social network designed for horror fans & professionals. It has been available since May 2019 on Android & iOS (U.S. & Canada).


Learn more at:
Instagram: @theslasherapp
Twitter: @theslasherapp





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