Look Up … Online!

IM Filmworks will premiere a new film,  written and co-directed by Lenny Schwartz and edited and co-directed by Nathan Suher, filmed during and focusing on event during the pandemic.

“Comic Book Junkies” is a comedy focusing on a series of fans and cosplayers who are thrown into a spin when Coronavirus hits and San Diego Comic Con 2020 is cancelled. Adding to this: the earth is thrown into a black hole by an unknown supervillain. Now, these people who are used to dressing up must all become the one thing they have all aspired to be: Heroes. 

The film will premiere July 25 at 8pm EST online at https://www.facebook.com/comicbookjunkiesfilm before submissions begin for various genre film festivals. 

Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman with director Lenny Schwartz

Casey Bessette, John Lincoln, Rick Stafford, Jean Ann Garrish, Justin Harder, Michael Thurber, Athena Finger, Terror TV’s Jay Michaels and Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman are among the more than 100 actors who were filmed remotely using social distancing guidelines, in this piece created in response to the cancellation of San Diego Comic Con 2020.


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