Co-Starring God

A Review of Blonde Brunette EVOLUTION on YouTube by Evan Meena

Pink Arts Peace Productions has created a popular web series called Blonde Brunette. Normally, this series is a dance of clever commentary of social mores and other topic tidbits. But lucky Episode 13 takes us on a different ride.  

Maybe as we are entering the holidays or maybe it’s because we are all exhausted with being locked-down only to be locked down further, this episode took a powerful in-depth look inside of us through testimonies of everyday people who walk with God – quietly or not.  

It opens with Sunflower Duran surreptitiously comparing man’s evolution to that of the film industry. Doing it as an “animated” character, we see a cartoon tell us how we as a race have changed and how we as an industry has changed.  

Duran, not hiding her “New Yawk” accent, displays an intellect and elaboration on the topic as if she is a college professor. This salad of special effects and allusion makes for a powerful and highly engrossing learning lesson on life and life in art. The use of cartoon imagery gave us a fantastical feel. As if we are hearing what we are thought of … in the future. Adding to the futuristic feel is the appearance of head-shaven Erik Adelhock who intermittently appears to offer ancient wisdom – again with a modern feel. His sunglasses give us the “stranger” image adding to his enigmatic words.  

Seamlessly, the dialogue going from manifesting to the manifestor. Sunflower (who served as the director of the piece as well) and Erik begin segueing into the presence of God. With that we meet James Manieri. What first looks like a tough guy from the neighborhood turns out to be a gay man who found the right God. Maybe the better way to put that is he found God the right way. His frank monologue to the viewing public about what how God was portrayed in the late 20th Century and how he now sees him shares the same brand of enlightenment that Duran and Adelhock offer up about our artistic and human evolution. He is followed by Jillian Eckland, who always felts God’s love through her adoptive family. Her change came during a difficult time in her life when she came to the joyous realization that God was there for her as a friend.  

The episode – aptly named Evolution – cleverly, artistically, devoutly, sweetly showed us how life and art … and yes, even God, can evolve and endure.  

Well worth viewing at this unsure time when we need to remember what the holidays really mean.  


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