INTERVIEW: Muyun Zhou – filmmaker and film editor

Tell us about yourself as a filmmaker?

I am an editor and a filmmaker based in Los Angeles who is born and raised in China. I begun my study in New Media Art in my undergraduate and studying Filmmaker for my master. When I was in high school, I liked the subject study of math very much, math give me a rational perspective, and all things could get a perfect answer through rigorous arrangement and combination. Also, the combination appears in the process of filmmaking. As a female editor, I add sensibility to the rationality, selected and arranged the most appropriate combination among various shots, so as to present a powerful story. This is the happiest thing for me as an editor. I am very glad that the two years’ study of filmmaking in NYFA has enabled my ways of thinking as a director while I am editing, which it also deliver in the film I edit. Therefore, I love this industry even more, and it also makes me determined firmly that I want to become a better storyteller and editor.

Do you have a particular mission in terms of what you create? A particular type of story?

Personally, I like to explore some substantive life stories, starting from the small things around me. Most of the stories are inspired by life, and the characters in these stories are all inspired by people around me. How to better understand people has become my job. And I like to find those precious moments from those neglected footages, and build scenes around the characters, so as to know more about the feelings of the characters. As an editor, I would like to create the ideas that the director wants to express in ordinary events, which make the audience still think after watching the film and feel the change of their life.

You say you LOVE editing film… why?

I think what’s amazing about film is that it’s possible to piece together a puzzle without words, through camera angles or the action and the rhythm of narrative, to create infinite possibilities, and my job is to determine how to presented in a fascinating way. As an editor, I will take part in different projects, work with various directors, it let me become more creative. I have learned how to create the ideas that the director wants to express in ordinary events, which make the audience still think after watching the film and feel the change of our life. I really enjoy that when I put forward the amendment, and when the director said it is what they want or the outcome is even better than they expected, this is most
meaningful thing for me to doing this job.

What is your ultimate goal as a filmmaker in the United States?

As I mentioned, my background has given me a chance to receive Oriental education since my childhood. I have already come to the United States for three years, and I hope to use my unique perspective with Oriental cultural background to show and communicate the world from different views to the west. Editing as the last step in the film production, I really want the film I edited can open the conversations between people and culture.


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