Anna Pujolràs Perpiñà writes a good “Game”

Produced by Eli Sundler and Roy Shellef, Godlike Gaming is an enjoyable, highly-humorous, observation of gamers and their burgeoning industry. It’s good enough that one might never hear “game over” for Godlike Gaming.

With such praise for this innovative TV series written in the grand style of great sitcoms like the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, the team of Sundler & Shellef needed a steady hand and keen eye at another keyboard … the script writer. Season One’s finale and all of Season Two have been placed in the hands of Anna Pujolràs Perpiñà.

with Roy Shellef at the premiere of Godlike Gaming

Anna came to the U.S. and immediately made a name for herself. As Jr. Agent/Head of Development at the Jackson Agency – which has made a name for ITself as a full-service talent agency that is Black-owned – has Anna busy creating and shopping projects multiple projects. Anna, herself, is busy with multiple shoots in the next year on films she wrote and has been contracted as script supervisor on many of them.

Now she will take the lead on Godlike Gaming.

An import from Spain, InDfilm asked her about her journey. Not her artistic journey – that is meteoric – but her journey HERE:

How’s working in Spain?

I came to Los Angeles right after graduating university from back in Barcelona. So almost all my work experience at the time had been within student projects or internships where I felt very safe to grow creatively. My main work in my homeland, that’s still going on to this day, has been a development deal with a production company from Barcelona. The undergrad thesis script is currently being developed with Fosca Films where I serve as a creator and writer. Working in my homeland is something I take a lot of pride in, and I hope to keep doing it no matter the distance.

What brought you to the United States?

The formation I received in my homeland, Spain, was more focused on independent films and Spanish-formatted TV, not so much intended for platforms. Although I still have a huge love for those kinds of projects, I was very curious about American TV and films from a young age. I came to the United States to do an MFA in Screenwriting and expose my storytelling to new formats and a bigger industry. The networking aspect and the opportunities that this country brings were also elements that made me want to take my writing a step further and move to Los Angeles.

What do you find more difficult in this business – being from another country or being a woman?

Hands down being from another country is the most difficult part of this business. A lot of times getting a job is hard because there’s a lot of paperwork involved and it’s inconvenient to deal with it. Being a woman might be challenging at times once you’re at the job but being a foreigner more times than not prevents you from having one.


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