Special Retrospect: The films of Ambra Ferraris

Assignment #6: A crass man is taught a lession by a righteous friend in this comedic short
Featuring Ambra Ferraris as the righteous friend (Dave Marandola as that afoirementioned crass)

Come Back: An average day got worse and then better … simple as that.
Director-Kwon Oh/Asst. Director-Camila Villanueva/Starring-Ambra Ferraris

Yellow: Marriage is not easy … starting with the proposal
A Film by-Camila Villanueva/Ambra Ferraris as Blair/Dave Marandola as Anthony

Long Gone Tomorrow

Written and Directed by-Anna-Karin Suh/Ambra Ferraris as Famous Singer/Allen Theosky Rowe as Psycho Fan

A few years ago, Ambra Ferraris may have been your lawyer.  Now you might see her play one on TV.  Both professions are all about communication and so is Ambra Ferraris.  All forms of artistic interpretation relay a message and Ms. Ferraris is happy to be the harbinger of that message.  After finding success in her home country of Italy she was ready to say arrivederci to Italy and Ciao to Los Angeles where she is making her mark in the industry.  Ms. Ferraris did a series of short films which demonstrate her range as an actress.  She has an expressive face and skills that thrill.

In Assignment #6 we see a man sitting in a diner trying to enjoy his upcoming meal.  The character played by Ms. Ferraris abruptly joins him, declares that it’s her table and proceeds to act rude and obnoxious toward the man.  The man is clueless since the woman is a stranger to him.  All is revealed in the end.  From this film, Ms. Ferraris could easily slip into a role where she portrays a woman on the edge.

In Yellow there is a fancy party taking place in the home of an affluent person.  A man suddenly proposes to the character played by Ms. Ferraris.  The characters go through many emotions before the conclusion.  As evidenced by her charm and her beauty make Ms. Ferraris an excellent contender for a lead female role in a romantic drama or comedy.

In Come Back, the main character Jesse is having a hard day with employment problems and relationship woes.  This role called for disappointment and frustration and Ms. Ferraris delivered.

In the previous films, Ms. Ferraris was wearing power suits and fancy dresses with every hair in place.  In Long Gone Tomorrow Ms. Ferraris is stripped of makeup and at the depths of vulnerability.  She plays a famous singer relaxing in her home in casual clothing when a home invasion takes place.  It turns out this perpetrator is a deranged fan which makes for some very tense moments in the film.  Ms. Ferraris demonstrates that she can go from victor to victim in the blink of an eye.

Ms. Ferraris has communicated on an international level that she can get the job done.  America will be saying ciao bella to this talented artist.


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