High Quality Quantum !

Breaking Infinity

Review by Jen Bush

Produced by-Zoe Cunningham, Marianna Dean, Paul Desira

Directed by-Marianna Dean

Written by-David Trotti

Music by-Christoph Allerstorfer

Cast: Neil Bishop, Zoe Cunningham, Zed Josef, Jonny Phillips, Martin Bishop


Liam Jones is in a quantum quandary!  He wakes up in a hospital bed with no recollection of who he is or why he’s seriously injured.  A sympathetic doctor named Emma tends to his injuries and tries to help him regain pieces of his past.  In the vein of Quantum Leap, Liam repeatedly becomes unstuck in time.  As each trip back in time becomes more intense, Liam keeps running into a mysterious old man who speaks in cryptic messages.  Liam witnesses the end of the world which he may have caused.  As the film progresses, we learn that Liam is a researcher in a restricted section of a high-tech lab experimenting with time travel.  He and his lab assistant Garret work for a stoic boss named Carter who demands results at all costs.  Does Liam save the world and get the girl or is he relegated to jumping through time for infinity?  Only time will tell.

     Breaking Infinity is a sci-fi mystery with a smattering of romance thrown in.  The film had the honor of being selected  as one of the feature films in the 48th Boston Sci-fi Film Festival which is the longest running genre festival in the U.S. Time travel films run the risk of being confusing.  Breaking Infinity is intriguing.  David Trotti’s strong script keeps the viewer captivated and curious.  The viewer will have fun guessing who the antagonist is. The superb special effects and the deftly juxtaposed montages added stunning visual components to the exceptional cinematography of the film.  The creative minds behind this film knew exactly how to utilize the budget because they crafted a film that looks like it was studio made.  Breaking Infinity could easily be seen and enjoyed on one of the major streaming platforms.  Watching Breaking Infinity came with an unexpected bonus feature.  It was thought provoking.  Though there was no religious aspect to the film, you might find your mind wandering to thoughts of the afterlife and what eternity means to you.

      The cast led by Neil Bishop as Liam did a wonderful job of taking us on an adventure through time.  Neil Bishop proved to be a solid and layered leading man.  Not only did Zoe Cunningham pick a winner to produce, but she also did a fine job in the role of Emma, Liam’s sympathetic doctor.  Zed Josef gave a fine performance as Garret, Liam’s lab assistant with shades of complexity to his character.  You won’t like the character of Carter, the uptight heartless head of the lab but you’ll like Jonny Phillips who played the ruthless baddie so deliciously.  Martin Bishop’s acting skills are no mystery.  In fact, he was quite good as the mysterious old man guiding Liam through time.

     Breaking Infinity is indie filmmaking at its finest.  This was a professionally shot quality film that a wide variety of audiences will enjoy.  Hopefully you can spare some time to see it!       


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