Luxury Universal [e]Xperience presents: UCC. The Ultimate Cinema Convention – OMEGA Edition.

AC7A1840.jpgUCC IS BACK! If you missed it the first time, this is your chance to experience the madness. If you went the first time, this is your SECOND chance to experience the madness.

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Back by popular demand! We have extended our run for one last night!!! UCC OMEGA is an interactive, immersive, choose-your-own adventure event that takes place at a fictional trade show thrown by a dystopian film company. Explore the exhibits, talk with characters, and cause mayhem as you seek to either help or hinder the mysterious (and incompetent) LUX Corporation.


This event is a part of the Future Proof Universe , an extended narrative playing out on the internet and all over NYC. (21 Years and older are invited)

Here’s a sample of what’s in store, but there is so much more!

## The Mustering Grounds
LUX has their very own loyalty program – The Lux Knights. At their MUSTERING GROUNDS booth, you can pledge your loyalty and complete quests to prove you’re the Ultimate Cinema Fan. If you can, then you get to experience…


## The Omegaplex
This is where you can demo LUX’s newest, shiniest technology products. Want to know what the movie theater of the future feels like? Well buckle up because this is your chance and it’s going to be profoundly weird.


## Businessland
Learn the business of film at BUSINESSLAND. Here you can solve puzzles, dig through filing cabinets for secrets, and even compete to see who has the best business idea. By the time you leave, you’ll be ready for some hostile acquisitions of your own!


## The Carousel of Paulbert
LUX was founded by a brilliant, gifted, attractive, dashing, in-no-way-morally-questionable man. This museum installation is accompanied by an audio tour you can listen to on your phone. You may learn things here that are crucial to crack other puzzles at the event.


## Totally unsanctioned activities!
It’s not all films and friends at UCC. There are subversive elements in attendance who want to bring LUX down. And they may actually have a pretty good point. Talk to the right characters and follow the right threads, and you may find yourself embroiled in espionage, occult rituals, brainwashing, and even… CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Luxury Universal [e]Xperience presents: UCC. The Ultimate Cinema Convention – OMEGA Edition.

Wonder at the future of film technology! Marvel at brilliant new forms of production administration! Exclaim profanities as you compare the present to the future and weep in dispair! UCC is an annual trade show featuring the latest in entertainment innovation from Luxury Universal [e]Xperience (LUX for short). The show floor is yours to explore as you interact with various demos, booths, and attractions in a scene that can only be described as “Dystopian EPCOT Center Trade Show” But keep your eyes peeled, because there are subversive elements who have infiltrated the show with their own intentions. Play your cards right and you could find yourself embroiled in an underground battle for the future of humanity… AND STICKERS!

Caren Celine Morris writes: 

UCC Omega was very fun, and very creepy. The actors kept up their ultra happy creepy personas almost the entire time that I was there. The props were AMAZING and incredibly involved. I felt as though I was at an actual convention. We received badges, and guides, and even the ribbons that conventions have that attach to your badge. I very much enjoyed the intricate set dressing, as well as the innovative props. Special shout out to Buddy Alpha and the woman who gave out the bingo cards. Dave Morrissey Jr. also played his role (which I think is a fictionalized version of himself) incredibly naturally. I had a great time solving puzzles. It was like an escape room that you could leave at any time. 

Lester Cook writes:

I went to the UCC and was blown away by the technology that was used.  I am a neophyte in theatre and seeing how you are able to begin to use it in a way that allows an audience to fully participate for me was the best part. The acting was superb as this cast ensemble moved as if it were one unit. There were no slips or what sometimes feels like cogs that are out of place. Next time it comes, I definitely want to participate again.



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