Angels are Demons

Indie-Pictures-Blog, for the duration of the quarantine, will review the catalog of the new indie horror/suspense channel, Terror TV.


Review by Bob Greene

The legendary Hammer Films is present in MY GUARDIAN ANGEL, currently playing on Terror TV. Mixing the dark edge of fairy tale with the get-to-the-point scares of the 80s TV show, Hammer’s House of Horrors, writer/director Mumtaz Yildirimlar along with fellow screenwriters Deanna Dewey and Jane Alexandra Foster have created a story that supplies the same level of over-the-top chills as many vintage Hammer Films.”

But look deep, it also packs a powerful message about a timely topic.

Twin sisters Hannah and Angel, abused to epic proportions by their sadistic parents, try to escape their grip. Their escape plan involves darker forces than even the parents. Angel is killed in the initial process but returns to help Hannah, rendered incapable of speaking due to the trauma, finish their plan.

The film is not a knee-jerk demon flick but a deep study into sadism, dysfunction, and even touches upon mental illness. Maria Figgins and Adrian Annis are properly evil as “mother and father” who derive pleasure out of punishing their daughter and Holly Jacobson is heartbreaking as the downtrodden Hannah and her stronger … and darker twin, Angel.

In proper demon movie form, there is a caring teacher, played with total believability by Petra Bryant and a mystic who “feels” what’s going on, played just like you expect by Silvana Maimone.

The well-made and shot film moves briskly to a satisfying conclusion with loose-ends all tied-up Britishly with a bit of a mystery as an aftertaste. Your checklist of Hammer-style touches will be filled well.

Even without Peter Cushing.

Bob Greene,  a former writer at Newsday, retired to a life of reviewing Off & Off-Off Broadway, but until they return he is feeding a secret passion for genre films. 


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