“get up out of your chairs, open the window, stick your head out, and yell”

In response to how the global pandemic has affected the theatrical world, writer/director Lenny Schwartz and producer/director Nathan Suher of IM Filmworks have created Far From Perfect: Life Inside A Global Pandemic. “What was supposed to be a short-subject, turned into a feature film featuring more than 100 actors from all regions of the country,” said Schwartz, an award-winning playwright and screenwriter.  



Far From Perfect makes its world premiere, Saturday April 18, 2020 at 8:00 p.m. as a Facebook Live Event.

The film, conceived, shot, and edited during the initial three-week lock-down of New York and most of the United States due to COVID-19.

The process: Schwartz wrote the lion’s share of the script, sent text to the performers via email, which the performers then shot themselves with everything from professional equipment to camera phones. They then returned them to Schwartz and Suher for editing and compilation into one cohesive motion picture. “The stories range from funny to sad to emotional but there is a through-line to the piece,” Suher added.

Schwartz chimed in again, stating “I expected ten people to reply. We had more than 100 segments sent to us in less than four hours. I consulted with Nathan and our little short became a film,” he enthusiastically offered. “It is uplifting to see this many people rally from all corners of country to participate in a project that I know will be appreciated by those feeling the stress and anxiety of our trying times.  This film has created a beautiful time-capsule of an event that will forever link all of us together” Suher concluded.

The film features members of the indie theater and film community, including award-winning playwright Gabrielle Fox; Planet Connections’ artistic director Glory Kadigan, and indie theater and film producer/personality Jay Michaels.

Featured in the cast: Michael Thurber, Lee Rush, Angela Ryding, Juan Schwartz, Erminio Pinque, Richard Marr-Griffin, Ashley Carina, Karen Bessette DiOrio, Robert Patriaca, Derek Laurendeau, Mary DeBerry, Jay Walker, Ryan Mckenna, Emily Lamarre, Chloe Suher, Nathan Suher, Meredith L. Phillips, Katherine Coolidge, Daniel Martin, Samantha Acampora, Alaina Heidelberger, David Adams Murphy, Anna Hogan, Mary Ferrara, Jasmine Malley, Chad Michael, Steven Taschereau, Chris O’Neill, Sally Palmer, Petea Eimiller, Sheri Lee, Denise Izzi, Robert Kersey, Melissa Loper, Nikki Barry, Laura Ash, Jeremy Banks, Gladys Cole, Sonya Joyner, Evan Clinton, Tonia Klemp, Sri Dopp, Stephanie Santos Sivalingam, Julie Bragg, Nic Carcieri, Sarah Ann Mcguiness, Patricia Hoefler, Lauren Pace, Kerri Lynn DeMinicosta, Lauren Pace, Mark Andrew Garner, Roberto Alexander, Ashley Marinaccio, Marissa Albanese, Kevin Michael Strauss, Jenny Louise Raskopf, Vivienne Carrette, Emily Mae Partington, Bailey Duarte, Katherine Cook, Anastasia LaFrance, Mark Aaron Perry, Kristin Kayala, Kathryn Mudgway, David Olsen, Alyssa Rose Germaine, Scott Morrison, Christina Lee, Carol Cullen, Joy Carletti, Kelly McCabe, Danielle Mayer, Cindy Stobel Luftig, Cassie Ducharme, Kevin Hernandez, Shannon McCloud, Shannon McMillian, Bruce Church, Amber Serra, John Lincoln, Mindy Britto, Matt d’Oliveira, Mindy Britto, Geoff White, Tonya Klemp, Jean Ann Garish, Casey Bessette, Andrea Wilmot, Lynn Farkas, Alex Wersted, Bruce Botelho, Jr., Margie Ferris, Jess Erick, Chad Kaplan, Pat O’Hara, Saoirse Black, Ronald H Martin, Leslie Racine Vasquez, Anne Bowman, Lauren Ferreira,Jamie Lyn Bagley, Meg Taylor Roth, Kerstyn Desjardin, Hen Zannini, Joseph Luca, Greg Geer, Hannah Heckman-McKenna, Elliot Robert Owens, Jessica Ellis Wilson, and Bob Lively

Far From Perfect – the Facebook Watch Party airs on the film’s Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/coronavirusfilm2020, for free. It moved to Amazon Prime on April 25, 2020.


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