Monster Mash

Indie-Pictures-Blog, for the duration of the quarantine, will review the catalog of the new indie horror/suspense channel, Terror TV.


The famed slasher film has gone through three levels since Hershel Gordon Lewis created it and the 80s perfected it.

  1. OMG! The level of blood, gore, sex, and innovation in ways of destruction were not seen on film … ever. We entered the cinema white-knuckled as we did not expect to see such a level of visceral drama.
  2. “It’s an art film:” Adding unreal color as in Dario Argento or a haze over the breasts and a psychological reason for the death came next – as to legitimize the subgenre. Finally, it’s where we are now
  3. “It’s a Slasher Film:” the name reflects what it is as simply as the sun begets the morning … or maybe the moon begets the night is more apropos.

Creature Features comes under #3 perfectly.

The premise is part of the pantheon: an anthology of stories told by horny youths at a party to titillate (yup – I went there) a group of eerily erotic girls on Halloween. It salads up all the familiar imagery for such a thing:

  1. the comic book segues ala Tales from the Crypt;
  2. the “get naked/get killed” equation;
  3. the bevy of monsters from hell.  And a bevy it is. This Creature Features features creatures of our religion, our mythology, our superstition; our psychosis and neurosis …
  4. and a killer clown.

What makes with bloodbath a bit clever is the first tale: a clever riff on the monster-under-the-bed tale, it opens our minds to what scared us as children and then added the twist that made the remaining crypt of naked nightmares understandable.

There would have been a time when I might preface by saying “don’t see this.” But today, we have seen it all and enjoy a good one of it. So, if you are a devotee of the 80s slasher/sex/demons flick … This trick will be a treat.


Jay Michaels, an indie theater and film producer, hosts Terror TV’s Terror Talk


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