A Great Call

Review by Allegra Earle

The Last Call begins as an innocent tale about the end of an era, yet quickly crescendos to a dark tale about a joke gone too far. From early in the film, the relationships between the characters are established, and we get a sense of their banter and familiarity with each other. 
Harry creeps down hall QuotesThe establishment of these bonds are crucial to the emotional significance of the film, and serve as a compelling aspect to what the characters face next. This chilling tale of revenge is a slow boil, with a revenge-thirsty and sadistic menace at its core. 
The Last Call is tinged with remorse and regret – regret for a prank gone too far, for things left undone, and for love left unfulfilled – all cut short by a man on the hunt for retribution. 
Allegra Earle, a filmmaker and writer, contributed reviews to the American Documentary Company, the Reel Sisters Film Festival, the Hamptons International Film Festival, and the Human Rights Watch Film Festival. She writes and creates worlds on-screen, portraying experiences and highlighting the power of perspective.

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