Act of Contrition

Review by Allegra Earle

After the death of a young boy from a drunk driving car accident, five friends attend his wake as an act of redemption. What begins as a solemn memorial incrementally turns into the group of friends and the mother of the dead boy stuck in her home.
What ensues is a movie with elements of the classic “whodunit” genre, peppered with emotional death scenes and an intense need for vengeance. Staying true to its horror genre, The Wake combines fear-riddled horror with a persistent sense of irony: a group of friends are brought to a home to mourn the loss of a stranger, but instead wind up mourning more than that.
In The Wake, all is not what it appears to be, and everything is turned on its head: life is celebrated amongst death, revenge is masked as forgiveness, with an unapologetic and brutal finale to top it all off.
Allegra Earle, a filmmaker and writer, contributed reviews to the American Documentary Company, the Reel Sisters Film Festival, the Hamptons International Film Festival, and the Human Rights Watch Film Festival. She writes and creates worlds on-screen, portraying experiences and highlighting the power of perspective.

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