Kat in the producer’s seat.

“I started to pursue filmmaking 3 years ago when I came to the USA to study at New York Film Academy. I made my decision because I knew that the United States would be a difficult yet rewarding place to start my career in the film industry,” says emerging filmmaker, Ekaterina Behor; “I worked on more than 20 shorts before I decided to focus on producing.”

Those shorts that she humbly mentions includes the powerhouse thriller, Volatility; the inspiring dance piece, Invincible, and the soaring They Know The Way.

“Once I chose one aspect of filmmaking that I am passionate about, I started receiving interesting projects and awards in the USA and overseas,” she continued. So it became her mantra: choosing a specific field is the key to success.

Now she formulated a missing as passionate as she. Ironically, she lives her mission every day: “I want to inspire people to be brave, motivated, and a bit happier. I want to put them in a world where they have hope.”

Therein lay her reason for braving the United States and the dream of becoming a film producer.

“… any movie or video is an attraction for eyes,” the young artist with a flare for the dramatic said, “so it should be aesthetic, harmonious and beautiful. It is the reason why I  love music videos and commercials.”  This reminded “Kat” as she is called where it all began. “I was hired to make jewelry commercials back in Russia, and I thought it would be so easy, but then I realized I didn’t know a lot of things about camera, lighting, directing actors, making agreements and I decided that Los Angeles is the best place in the world to start my career.”

Just like that, decision is made. Then she elaborated how her degree in psychology moved her in the right direction as a film producer. “That is why I love to change some dialogue, add more subtext, and help the director to develop characters during the director’s rewrite.” Basically, she enjoys getting into the head of the character.

All these traits allowed her to weather the recent storm of trepidation the pandemic has brought to investors. But as the veil lifts, she is greeting the world with her trademark zeal. Kat is working on a Russian Youtube Show. The first season got 3.5 million views, so she is enteraining opportunities to increase the quality of the program. Another project bearing her name features Larnell Stovall and Ellen Hollman, which will be presented at the end of this year. Her 2022 calendar is already filling up with commercials, music videos, and further exposure – and investor interest for – her film, Volatility.

All this from a Russian jewelry commercial.


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