A film teaching us to be INVINCIBLE

Ekaterina Behor’s short film, currently making the rounds of the film festival circuit, INVINCIBLE, is a multidisciplinary parable of perseverance.

Review by Lew Antonie

We meet a ballerina dancing against (and with) the wind on a lonely beach. We watch her tears become an ocean and she then dances with (and in) that deluge. She finally learns to basically “go with the flow.”

This simple film, undoubtedly written by Behor, and shot with subtly by Shaman Harsha packs quite a punch. Harsha’s camera angles and dynamic use of light allowed us to enter the mind of the ballerina effortlessly. In this time of identifying and combating mental illness in all its forms and obstacles, this film could be a beautiful PSA thanks to Behor and Harsha, not to mention. Rosemary Shahani, who dances beautifully amid the sand of the beach and then stunningly under water. Her acting ability is also on display as she tells a story with her face of the tears and triumph. Her choreographic ability is also evident as Shahani worked well with missionary Behor to bring this message of perseverance to life. Mehul Oswal provided clever visual effects turning a single tear into an ocean, complete with Shahani dancing in that single tear and then in that ocean. Mike Hall offers up lilting score that walked the line between loneliness and survival by using sparse instrumentation.

Short enough to view several times, one can piece apart the choreography to reveal movement that show battle and triumph with a final dance move reminiscent of a major Chinese philosophical approach to withstanding the attacks that life provides.

One comes away from this brief cinematic parable admiring Ekaterina Behor for her insight and vision.


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