A Timely Tour-de-Force

Blindfolded,” written by and starring Winnie Wang

Director-Cheng Xu

Review by Jen Bush

Perhaps the most compelling thing about Blindfolded was that until the credits rolled, I didn’t realize there was only one actress in the film.  The seemingly two women in the film resembled each other but did not look identical by any means.  It wasn’t just the hair color and style; it was actual facial features that set them apart.  I don’t know how Winnie Wang pulled it off, but she was the sole star of Blindfolded.

Blindfolded is a short film about a biracial young woman named Zoe struggling with her identity.  Her mother is white, and her father is Asian.  The film opens with her arguing with her unseen mother from behind a door about what a struggle it is to be Asian in America.  For years she had been bullied. The two Zoe’s share memories of how they were discriminated against.  The mirror universe Zoe suggests that the real Zoe should try to embrace her Asian side more.

Blindfolded is unfortunately topical.  There has been an uptick in Asian discrimination as a result of the pandemic.  The camera work, lighting, set, hair and makeup were all well done.  The film carries an important message of self-acceptance.

Winnie Wang comes from an arts family and was given a comprehensive education in the arts from a young age.  Born in Taiwan, she is making a name for herself as an artist in America.  In Blindfolded Winnie Wang demonstrated that she has the acting chops to carry a solo piece.  The two versions she played of the main character were distinguished in more ways than one.  She has an expressive face and the ability to execute a wide range of emotions in her characterizations.  If I hadn’t given you the spoiler, you might have been blindsided when you watched Blindfolded when you discovered one actress playing two roles.


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