Kathrin Asmus’ “Black Sunset,” a film about depression, has been released

Producer, Writer, and Cinematographer, Kathrin Asmus, and her team have completed production on a new film about an introverted woman struggling with her mental health goes on a quest to find inner peace within nature. As we go along, we follow Aubrey’s inner monologue which describes her desire to be part of a community and her pain of struggling with depression.

“I created the story at Covid’s peak during the first lockdown,” says Asmus, “it was developed further with a multinational team,” she explains, “the constant losing connection with our friends and families, struggling to form new bonds in this new self-isolating reality. It’s a tribute to all the lone wolves who sometimes feel a bit lost but are not afraid to embrace this wave of blue and fight hard by getting up again and again.”

Directed by Elena Viklova and starring JoAnna Luna, Derek Sudduth, and Seraphina Sudduth, “Black Sunset” tells the story of Aubrey, a woman in her late 20s, is struggling with her inner peace yet finding none in this fast-paced and high pressure society. She goes for a walk in a park, hoping for a quiet and peaceful environment to clear her head. Yet she can’t avoid people and her moment of peace gets interrupted constantly. Every person she encounters appears in pairs and demonstrates her what she doesn’t have in life. It is not until all the human traffic departs that she is able to face her own thoughts… and fears. Color plays a huge part in the storytelling cold yet bright giving way to warmth and a chance at healing.

Asmus is now in negotiation for film festival showings and general ddistribution. Lean more at https://www.imdb.com/title/tt19842940/


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