Two new projects from screenwriter, Anna Pujolras

Anna Pujolras’ star is on the rise with two new cinematic events circulating now with her name in them as Screenwriter and Script Supervisor.

Into The Thicket: This feature film (written by Devany Greenwood and supervised by Pujolras) was featured on the Black List and is gaining notoriety from some major studios and production companies. Into The Thicket employs “magical realism” (a style of art made popular by play and screenwriter Jose Rivera) in its narrative of a young woman who happens upon a mysterious, almost fable-like cottage in the woods, and her relationship with it and its enigma of an owner changes her life, allowing her to embrace her journey into adulthood.

Devany Greenwood
Greenwood’s original proof-of-concept for it under the same title was produced by Cosmica Productions. Anna Pujolras served as a Script Consultant and Script Supervisor. They wrapped shooting recently in in multiple locations, including Lancaster, Big Sur, and Los Angeles, and now it’s in post-production.

Look for more info on Instagram: and IMDb:
Godlike Gaming: This widely popular comedy sitcom about a group of [semi] inept gamers is completing shooting its first season with Pujolras writing the finale. Produced by Roy Shellef, Tyrone Tann, and Big Vision Pictures – the first studio to run on crypto currency – the show follows a group of misfit gamers as they navigate the gaming world, their relationships, and what it means to be a team.
Godlike Gaming shot its first two episodes independently and pitched it to multiple studios and production companies until it landed its best fit with Big Vision Pictures. Now, they set to finish the first season and start planning on the second one, with the same writers and producers attached. Pujolras will serve as lead writer.

Anna Pujolras

Godlike Gaming:
Big Vision Pictures Instagram:
Godlike Gaming IMDb:


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