Gauthier Raad in Focus (Part I)

Gauthier Raad Interview by Jen Bush

Meet filmmaker Gauthier Raad.  He is an international, multi-cultural and multi-lingual sensation.  He was drawn to the cinematic arts at a young age.  Following his passion, he has achieved success on several continents.  He has a vast toolbox of skills coupled with cosmopolitan experience to create innovative and compelling content.  It was wonderful to learn more about this fascinating artist.

“I am a creative producer and filmmaker offering 10+ years of experience creating impactful, fresh, and innovative video content. Skilled content creator with a natural talent for storytelling and the capacity to handle technical editing, business operations, and team leadership requirements. Successful; at taking concepts and producing exceptional products. Team-oriented and tactical with a strategic approach to managing diverse requirements. Fluent in 3 languages and have worked on film projects and in multiple countries.”

Mr. Raad’s curiosity and sense of adventure brought him to the United States.  It was a wise decision considering that the U.S. has one of the top film industries in the world.  “I have worked so far in more than 10 countries. I am someone curious and I love new adventures.  After working in the Middle East, Europe, and South Korea. I think working in the United States will be a new adventure for me full of beautiful encounters. I love discovering new cultures and new perspectives. I have been volunteering for the past years and helping my friends in the United States on many levels and on many projects. I think I am ready now to make the move.” 

Filmmaking called to Mr. Raad from an early age.  “I was raised in a family of teachers. Art was not really something important to my family. From a very young age, I was drawn to art and particularly to film and TV. It was not a very easy road. I had to convince my parents that buying DVDs and watching movies is not a bad thing and will not ruin my future. Our love and passion for film and audiovisuals is something we cannot describe. For me it was a choice, it was evidence.” 

 Mr. Raad’s creative process is purely organic.  “It is difficult for me to answer a question about my creative process because I never think about a rational process to create. Personally, a song sometimes may trigger my imagination, sometimes a situation, sometimes a friend’s struggle, or a friend’s story… inspiration is everywhere.” 


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