“The Courier” delivers

The Courier Review by Jen Bush

Writer/Director/Producers: Jon Robben and Zach Wiegmann
Cinematographer-Brian Sowell
Starring-Jon Robben and Elyse Mirto

Sometimes a package is better left to the porch pirates!  In The Courier we see a motorcycle courier searching for a purpose in life as he is stuck in a dead end job.  As he has a phone conversation with his father, it’s clear that his father is disappointed in his lack of ambition.  The courier goes to a home for a seemingly routine package pickup.  The mysterious woman with the package that needs delivering invites the courier into her home to give him specific instructions about the delivery.  It ends up being much more than a routine package pickup!

This 12-minute short really delivers, no pun intended.  I would classify it as Sci-fi with elements of Horror.  The production quality was excellent with stunning cinematography by Brian Sowell.  Jon Robben and Zach Wiegmann penned a captivating screenplay.  It leaves the audience with questions that fertile imaginations could easily answer.  If the budget and resources were available, this could easily be expanded into a very interesting feature film that genre lovers would eat up.  The soundtrack was well chosen and complimented the script to build tension.

Jon Robben had a hand in every aspect of the film including being cast as the lead.  He was well suited for the part and carried it off well.  Elyse Mirto was both charming and chilling as the mysterious woman with the special package.  The next stop for this package is The Boston Sci-fi Film Festival where enthusiastic audiences are sure to enjoy it.


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