Zero is a perfect 10

Zero Method Review by Jen Bush

Writer-Ben Myers
Director-Ben Myers
Producer-Ben Myers and Nicholas Richter
Director of Photography-Nicholas Richter
Editor- Ben Myers and Rachel Pearl
Composer-Alexander Arntzen

Cast: Ben Myers, Mu-Shaka Benson, Imani Pearl Williams, Jessica Noboa, Dani Thomas, Jake Soister, Leighton Samuels, Rebecca Brinkley, Travis S. Youssef, Christian Titus

Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.  In Zero Method the crime is precisely what Ethan “Zero”  is doing in order to get back to a certain time in his history.  Ethan is a Chrono Refugee known as a Zero.  He was thrust decades into the future to the 2080’s.  The rule of time travel in this piece is that you can travel into the future and stay as long as you wish.  The further back in time you travel, the less time you have to stay there before you are thrust forward again.  Repeated time travel excursions will make a person ill due to radiation and tachyon exposure.  Ethan goes back in time to commit crimes for high paying clients who want the past changed and so that he can get back to the time period in which he lived, even for a few minutes.  The trips are known as drops and he has become a drop junkie.  He has an encounter with a rogue band of Zeros who have a powerful secret to share with him.  We are not privy to what a Chrono Refugee is and why they were sent into the future.  There was a hint of governmental interference and sabotage.  This doesn’t impact the viewer’s ability to follow the story.

Zero Method is the pilot for an independent Sci-fi television series.  It was chock full of action and adventure with some cyberpunk elements thrown in for good measure.  Zero Method had the distinction of being an official selection in the Boston Sci-fi Film Festival which is the longest running genre festival in the U.S.  With the current reboot of Quantum Leap and the recent television series Timeless, time travel seems to be a timely topic for entertainment. It was evident the show had a healthy budget and talented creative minds working behind the scenes.  It’s an indie production that has the look and feel of a full-scale studio production.   Gritty disorienting cinematography captured the appropriate feel of the episode and the genre itself.  The hand-to-hand combat sequences were impressive.  Kudos to composer Alexander Arntzen who provided a sterling techno soundtrack. Since nobody can pin down what fashion will look like in the future, many Sci-fi films and television shows walk a fine line between cool and tacky.   The costume designer for Zero Method nailed a futuristic look.

For Zero Method Ben Myers wore a lot of hats and they all fit him well.  He is an award-winning director, writer, actor and producer, all of which he did for this film as well as being one of the editors.  He penned an intriguing screenplay which he made further compelling with his prowess as the lead actor.  Zero Method is anything but zero!  Hopefully Zero Method will become a successful series.  Only time will tell!


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